Dean Adams, Composer 2 April 2013

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                Dean, when did you realise you were a musician and wanted to be involved with music all your life?


It was from a very young age that I had a passion for music. I think it had something to do with being raised with both Indian and Hungarian grandparents who influenced my love of a range of music. From my earliest days in primary school I loved playing the saxophone and never really looked back. Music has provided me with some of the happiest moments in my life.


                How old were you when you started music lessons on your first instrument and what was it?


I began learning the saxophone when I was 10 years old. At the primary school I attended there was a fantastic music tutor and we still keep in contact. I consider her influence in my early years as a big factor in shaping the musician I am today.


                How many instruments do you play? What is your favourite? Why?


I play 4 instruments: saxophone, clarinet, guitar and piano. It is hard to pinpoint one instrument that I enjoy most but I would have to say I have always had a love for the saxophone. It is an instrument that can be so expressive and others love to hear it.


                What musical qualifications did you achieve and do you still study?


I studied modern saxaphone at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music and enjoyed being surrounded by young talented musicians. The vibe was very positive and I have made life long friends that I still play with today.


                When did you start composing?


I actually started very young, messing around with sounds on my keyboard. At that stage it was creating something to call my own. I still perform some of the songs that I wrote from years ago and it is some of my purest work.


                Which instrument do you use when you compose?


I will usually begin with the piano or the guitar. I have found that composing with those instruments allows my mind to imagine the parts that follow soon after on the saxophone or clarinet. 



                What have you composed and who have you composed for?


I enjoy composing for bands, friends and students. I have composed for several children's books, short films and a 90 minute feature film called 'The Rival' and for fashion designers, website developers and recently I started working with US company DragonPencil, making music for children’s eBooks and Apps which is exciting.



                How did you get involved in the DemiChat website and Toni Brisland’s books?


A family friend put me in touch with Antonette (Toni) with the idea of composing music for a new book. I really connected with the story and the music is a reflection and big reason why so many people have loved it.


                What style of music is your favourite?


Jazz has always been a favourite of mine. I have been to New York several times and have played in jazz clubs. In 2010 I played with seven-time grammy award winner Les Paul at a sold out show in New York City. The jazz in NY is amazing – there are guys playing in the street in NY who are absolutely mind blowing.


                What’s the name of your group? How many members? What type of music does the group play? Where do they play?


I play with funk band Five Coffees. They play upbeat songs that always have people dancing at live shows. Most recently they have had a lot of radio airplay and are always playing at the Opera Bar at the Sydney Opera House.


                Do you sing?


No. Haha. I have been blessed with musical talent, but unfortunately not with a good singing voice. I leave vocals to the fantastic singers I work with regularly.


                Have you made any recordings? If so, what are they and where can people buy them?


You can find songs that I composed for band Five Coffees on iTunes and Spotify. Soon the work I'm doing with DragonPencil will also be available through the iTunes App store.


                Do you have a website? How can people find out where you’re playing?


For details of where I'm playing checkout and all will be listed up there.



                What would you like to do in the future with your music?


I enjoy all aspects of the music I'm currently doing. I have ambition to tour the world and play to large audiences.


                Is there anything else you’d like to tell us?


If you have a passion in life, follow it and you will lead a happy life.



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