Sarah Sheppard, Publicist 15 May 2013

 Sarah, tell us about your PR company?

I run a boutique marketing and public relations consultancy called My Marketing Manager. Established in 2003, we pride ourselves on working intimately with our clients, getting to know them as 'the product' and 'the individual' or 'team'. This helps us represent our clients in the best manner and strive to get them the exposure they need to elevate their business or product.

From what industries are your major clients?

Today's technology enables us to work with clients from all over Australia across a wide range of industries such as manufacturing, aged, care, hospitality, retail, hard working authors and keynote speakers.

What are the most fun PR things you like to do?

Getting our clients noticed!

It's great talking with clients about their goals plus our list of recommendations and then devising ways to make it all happen. It doesn't happen overnight but we work hard to ensure our clients are happy and get noticed. We also go beyond that and offer suggestions for the long term that our clients may be able to do themselves. This may include incorporating vital tools and standard forms and documentation.

How has PR changed with the onset of social media?

It's very different now to even 10 years ago where we were sending out 'alerts' and 'media releases' via fax (sounds ancient doesn't it!) Now twitter, facebook and email streams make life easier but often it's a little impersonal. That's why we have a personal approach with our clients and our media contacts which is probably why we have great wins for our clients.

Not many children's authors seem to engage PR agencies. How did you come to represent Toni Brisland?

Toni was very clever in recognising the need for professional support in areas she wasn't familiar with. A good business person recognises their strengths and waknesses and engages the support from those who can help. From that first phone call I think we both connected; from there it was a matter of 'listening' to what Toni wanted to achieve with herself as an author and for her books and us devising ways we could make that happen and support her throughout the process.

What services can you offer authors?

We offer a wide range of services for authors depending on what stage they are at with their book. In the past we have introduced authors to publishers, or if the book is ready to go,

  • co-ordinating book launches,
  • obtaining media exposure about the book (sending out releases and securing tv, radio or newspaper interviews)
  • liaising and regular contact with bookstores to ensure the book is on top of their list
  • managing in-store signings for bookstores
  • co-ordinatoring a road-show of author talks which helps with sales and develops a profile for the author (which is great if the author has more than one book in them).

We also have produced a number of websites for some of our authors which is a great way for them to showcase themselves, their books, promote themselves as a guest speaker and provide examples of media exposure (ie radio interviews, newspaper/magazine articles, book reviews etc)

How can people find out about your rates and get in touch with you?

Thanks so much for the opportunity Toni, we'd love to talk with anyone who is considering improving their profile or 'presence' in a particular area or even those wanting to maximise sales. They can contact me direct on 0418 733 125 or via email:

Thanks for the chat Toni, I see you are going great guns and am so glad you are involved with the CBCA National Board, you have a lot to offer and I'm sure you are reaping increased exposure because of it, even though I know you're doing it for your passion! It doesn't become work then does it! Xo














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