Poetica Christie Press and the “Inner Child” Poetry Anthology 30 June 2015

I am delighted, absolutely, that my poem “Fishing with my dad in a dinghy” was selected by the Judge of the Poetica Christi Press (PCP) 2014 Poetry Competition to be published in the “Inner Child” Poetry Anthology, June, 2015.


PCP began in 1990 as a publishing arm of the Wordsmiths of Melbourne poetry group.  Jean Sietzema-Dickson is the Director, Janette Fernando is the Managing Editor and Maree Silver is the Administration Manager. Each year they hold a Poetry Competition with a particular theme and 25 poems from the competition are chosen for an annual publication of over 100 poems. This year’s competition closes August 31st 2015 and its theme is “Imagine”. Anthology purchases and competition details at http://poeticachristi.org.au/


My poem “Fishing with my dad in a dinghy” came about in response to a question posed by the Australian poet, Martin Langford, at a six-week Poetry Course he conducted at the NSW Writers’ Centre in April 2014 – to choose a landscape and then answer the question – “What is my place in that landscape?”


And, the same week two of my four surviving sisters visited and we talked about sugar ants on my grandmother’s sink in Ulladulla when we were children, and water skiing on Burrill Lake and fishing with Dad and how it was torture for me because I am such a sea-sickly person. And, I remembered a hot day in a dinghy off Ulladulla swimming pool near the old breakwater and there was my subject. (Quote from Dad, ‘your burley’s the best lure for fish’: Me, ‘please let me swim to shore. PLEASE.’: Dad, ‘no, you can’s see what’s under the water and there could be a shark lurking around.’ Me, vomit, vomit, vomit).


There was another reason I didn’t like fishing with Dad (nor rabbit shooting). When an animal dies in front of me, even a fish, I hate it, am sick to the stomach and overwhelmed with sadness for a very long time. I get ill. For that reason my parents wouldn’t allow me to have a pet while I lived with them after Tom my first cat died when I was four.


Thank you to PCP for publishing my expression about this.


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