DemiChat and the City of Gold Launched 3 August 2015

The journey started in 2006 when Toni’s manuscript about the escapades of a cat-and-dog detective duo was a runner-up in the Children’s Book Council of Australia annual Mentorship Competition.


The first book DemiChat and the Kent Street Mystery did the rounds of traditional publishers and was rejected in a flurry of disappointment before it was partner-published in print and hit schools and bookshelves in 2010. It was wonderfully transformed by talented digital illustrator, Cheryl De Los Reyes Cruz, in 2012 and published by Jerry Seltzer and his company Dragonpencil of Georgia USA as an eBook.


Both Cheryl and Jerry continued the journey with Toni for the publication of the second book DemiChat and the Lost Mummy in 2013 and now the last in the series DemiChat and the City of Gold was released in print in July 2015 and on 2 August 2015 went up for sale on Amazon, Kindle Edition, delivered wirelessly etc.


See for a description of the books.


Much has been written about partner-publishing by others elsewhere and great courses are available from various sources teaching the process, advantages and pitfalls for those who have the courage (some say foolhardiness) to take that particular route to publishing, but the one question Toni has been asked over the years is why she chose to publish in digital form using an American company.


Some assume that it’s because her only daughter was already living in the States (Toni visits annually), but that’s not the reason. It was Toni’s lack of technical expertise, the pitfalls of the American taxation system for a non-resident and the whole programming, uploading and self-distribution process via Amazon that prompted Toni to go offshore for services that far outstrip her skill-set.


Check out who have been wonderful to work with on the DemiChat Trilogy. Dragonpencil continue to manage the business side of things for Toni who is grateful for Jerry and his team’s support.


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