DemiChat at the Beijing International Book Fair 2015 26 August 2015

DemiChat is at Bejing! For Australian partner-published or self-published authors there is little support to promote their books from the writing organisations to which we belong, even if those organisations are represented at an International Book Fair.


So for those who don’t have the knowledge nor the in-depth experience of publishing and international publisher organisations required at the major publishing industry book fairs, or the money or the time to travel personally, the Australian Self Publishing Group, owned and managed by William and Dr. Irena Webster, offers a promotional opportunity for all Australian authors to showcase their books to the world.


William and Irena started attending international book fairs in 2007 presenting their own books but in 2008 started taking books and promotional material from other authors as well.


From 26 to 30 August 2015 at the China International Exhibition Centre Shunyi, Beijing, the Beijing International Books Fair is being held for the twentieth time since 1986. Its principle is: “introducing excellent books from around the world into China and leading Chinese books to the world.”


As I write this, I remember visiting a multi-story bookshop in Beijing with my husband and parents in April 2008 with its floors and floors of English books. My mother and I bought books to take to a school at Jingzhou. In the books under each line written in English was its translation in Chinese and at the school I watched fascinated as the children read both languages at the same time with one exceptional little girl holding two pens in her right hand and writing in the two languages at the same time! You don’t believe me? I have witnesses.


Here’s hoping my DemiChat books will do well in Beijing. I'm very excited they're there. Thank you William and Irena.


My mum at the school in Jingzhou.



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