Two More Poems Published in the Anthology “Imagine” … 5 May 2016

NSW Writers’ Centre courses and information have taught me that the poetry industry is very competitive due to a small readership and few publishing houses looking for poetry. Poetry publishers are unlikely to consider publishing an anthology by an individual unless they have already been quite widely published.


There are avenues to publication for new poets such as magazines and literary journals but it’s difficult getting a fit between an individual’s poetry and a magazine or journal’s style. So far, the handful of my poems published has come about by entering competitions like the annual Poetica Christie competition.


The Editors of the 2016 Poetica Christie Anthology, Janette Fernando and Maree Silver, selected “The Red Centre” and “Song of Dreams” for publication.


My poem “The Red Centre” was inspired by a trip to the Northern Territory in August last year and my poem “Song of Dreams” inspired by a photo on the Internet of crepuscular rays on Waterberg Plateau Namibia. The photo reminded me of the joy and wonder I experienced in seeing similar sunset beauty in Fiji and Kenya and on Santorini.


If you’re interested in a list of magazines that publish poetry in Australia, Picaro Press has a little book for less that $10. The NSW Writers’ Centre newsletter advertises competitions. To read about what’s happening in Poetry in Australia go to


If you’d like to read two of my favourite individually published poets select poems in:

·      “The Human Project: New and Selected Poems Martin Langford”, Published by Puncher & Wattmann Poetry, Glebe, 2009.

·      “Sometimes Gladness: Collected Poems 1954 to 1997, Bruce Dawe, 5th Edition, Longman, South Melbourne, 1997








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