SCBWI Conference a Success! 06 July 2012

The SCBWI Regional Chapter of Australia & New Zealand would not be as successful and dynamic as it is at this point without the committed leadership particularly of Susanne Gervay and Christopher Cheng and the huge contribution of many authors and illustrators around Australia and New Zealand.

SCBWI has become so big in Australia and New Zealand that SCBWI Headquarters in Los Angeles announced on their website in May 2012 that a restructure was to be put in place. Susanne told us about this restructure at the conference and introduced the authors and illustrators now filling the various new positions created to conference delegates.

The Australia and New Zealand Chapter will now be subdivided into two regions and will look like this: 

Australia East & New Zealand:

  • Susanne Gervay, Regional Advisor (RA); Sarah Davis, Illustrator Coordinator (IC).
  • New South Wales: Deborah Abela, Assistant Regional Advisor (ARA).
  • Victoria including South Australia and Tasmania: Corinne King, ARA.
  • Queensland: Sheryl Gwyther, ARA.
  • New Zealand: Francis Plumpton, ARA.

Australia West (WA and NT): 

  • Frane Lessac, RA.
  • James Foley, IC. 
  • Meg McKinlay, ARA.

Christopher Cheng will hold a number of positions including Co-Chair of the SCBWI Board of Advisors, Regional Advisor Emeritus (RAE) and International Publication and Awards Coordinator. Recently he earned the Member of the Year Honours. Three years ago Chris created the Crystal Kite Member Choice Award for the Australia and New Zealand region which is now worldwide. 

The SCBWI Conference in Sydney from 29th June - 2nd July would not have been the success it was without Susanne's managment of the event and all of the people above together with a dedicated conference committee. Here are some of my photos:

Above: 30th June 2012                          Above: 30th June 2012                        Above: 1st July 2012

Lindy Batchelor,                                       Hazel Edwards & Toni Brisland         Libby Gleeson & Susanne Gervay

Oliver Phommavanh & 

Wendy Fitzgerald                                                                                          

I'm so looking forward to the next conference in 2014. Cheers, Toni


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