Launch eBook DemiChat and the Kent Street Mystery 9 February 2013

The DemiChat eBook is available for Nook now. Here’s the link to buy a copy of eBook DemiChat and the Kent Street Mystery for $2.99 from Barnes and Noble:



Amazon sent me an email yesterday morning to say the eBook will be available within 48 hours and my Project Manager at Dragonpencil tells me that Apple won’t be long after that. It’s so exciting!


Also, THANK YOU to the hundreds of new visitors to my website! I’ve signed up for Google Analysis and it seems the hits are coming from the USA and UK. Many thanks. Those who have left me their email addresses will go onto my Newsletter Distribution List.


However, don’t forget that if English isn’t your best language you can Google Translate by a quick

(1) cut-and-paste of my blog in English, (2) choose the language you wish and then (3) hit enter. I do it all the time when writing to my Italian relatives!


I must say again that I LOVE the digital illustrations by Cheryl Cruz. She is an amazing artist. I’ve asked her some interview-style questions and will put them on my blog shortly. Cheryl will be selling prints of her illustrations and I’ll give you the link.


Another exciting thing … Cheryl has slotted in DemiChat’s first sequel into her busy schedule – DemiChat and the Lost Mummy. She sent me an email, I quote: “Egypt! Lots of fun illustration possibilities there!”


Here’s another of Cheryl’s illustrations …  a favourite of mine!   


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